Introducing Tibu - a spunky and creative 8-year-old girl with a big imagination and an even bigger heart. Follow her adventures and misadventures with her best friends Deboo and Mili, as she navigates through the ups and downs of school, family, and life in general. Tibu is not your typical hero, but her unique perspective on the world will inspire and delight you in ways you never expected. 

Join us on Instagram for regular updates on Tibu Comics, featuring engaging storylines, relatable characters, and stunning artwork that will take your breath away. Whether you're a kid at heart or just looking for a fresh and fun new take on comics, Tibu is the perfect choice. So come along for the ride, and let Tibu show you what it means to be truly extraordinary. Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for more exciting adventures with Tibu and her friends!

Unleash Your Inner Child with Tibu !

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Unraveling Tibu’s Imagination: The Colorful World of Tibu Comics !

Welcome to the vibrant universe of Tibu, an 8-year-old artist from Tibu Comics!

Tibu’s Adventures: An Imaginative Journey Beyond the Rainbow with Tibu Comics !

Welcome to the vibrant universe of Tibu, an 8-year-old artist from Tibu Comics!

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